I'm getting migraine again, third one in less than a week :(. Luckily it isn't that bad YET but I just started feeling some dull pain and nausea/vertigo-y. Blech. I thought I had grown out of this shit.

Okay, so there's that, and the plumber is now over a half-an-hour late. I just want him to get here so I can go lie down. This is making me nervous that they aren't coming. I had the WORST time getting ahold of them after we closed on the house (We already had them come and give us a quote for the work, which wasn't a problem). Like, it took over two weeks for them to get back to me after I emailed and called multiple times. Magically, though, my husband sends out one email and then I get a call back the next morning. Now I'm paranoid that they are just really unprofessional and our appointment wasn't actually entered in. Oh, and their phone line is busy...who has a business and allows callers to continually get the busy signal? At least get a voicemail box, no?