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Or is that gauche? [ETA: Survey says NOPE! Gushing ensues! Comment away!]

I really want to gush but I don't want to be gauche. Although I suppose worrying about being gauche is in itself a significant marker of gaucheness.

I got a tent! I am so stupidly excited about my tent! It is a lovely four-person Coleman, which means it will fit me, my commode, and my glamping gear quite comfortably. It was a total surprise gift from my parents, the genius idea of my mother. It didn't even occur to me to post a request to them for a tent for Christmas, even though I've regularly lamented my lack of one for about two years now. My cousin will no doubt be glad to get back her single-person backpacking tent that she's forgotten I've had in the meantime. Considering it was too small for even a twin-sized air mattress, I'm not sorry to see it go. And air mattresses are not optional. I don't camp; I glamp.


Behold my lovely tent:

My whomper present from my parents was this watch that I picked out last week. I think I would rescue it before I rescued a small child from calamity. This is one of those good-for-30-years presents.


I gave my aunts bottles of my homemade Irish cream booze. I make it every year and it's stupendously amazing.



1 can Carnation evaporated milk

1/2ish can Borden sweetened condensed milk

1 heaping tablespoon instant coffee powder

1 teaspoon Adam's vanilla

1 walloping, prolonged glug of Hershey's chocolate syrup (about 5 seconds' worth)


All of this should reach up to about 3 on your blender.

Fill up the blender with Jameson's Irish whiskey until it reaches 4.


I make about four blenders' worth and store it in an emptied gallon jug that formerly held distilled water. It's great because you need to shake it before you serve it.


Chill and drink neat or add to coffee.

Here's what it looks like before you blend:


NO CHEATING. YOU HAVE TO USE IRISH WHISKEY. [ETA: I buy a liter of Jameson and generally tax it over the course of the production, but with four blenders' worth you should kill most of the bottle. Don't make me do the math, but I think that makes the finished product about 50 proof? Regardless, it will spoil you for Irish cream. Bailey's is so inferior to this concoction.]

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