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Can we have a "Fuck it Monday"

Cuz I'm not a happy camper and I'm going to vent.

Thing 1: I interviewed for two positions in my field that would allow me to advance in my career. Not a dead end, finally. Nope. Not four days later I got the rejection form letter. Another door shut in my face. I work in a fairly narrow field and am in a weird situation, so there ain't many doors.

Thing 2: My grandmother is being released from the nursing rehab facility because she isn't making progress. I'm not going to fight it because I've attended several PT sessions and she is so difficult and contrary that the PT spends most of her time coaxing her to do something. She might get 10 minutes done out of a 30 minute session. She's 94 and has dementia, so she isn't good at remembering commands and can't be cajoled into doing anything she doesn't want to. She doesn't remember that she isn't going to be able to walk without assistance again. A walker doesn't look likely, either. She's also too incontinent for me to take her anywhere (even with a wheelchair), so she's going to languish in her room at the memory care facility because she's confused and stubborn and won't be able to walk.


Thing 3: Little GV can't be bothered to do anything anyone asks her if she doesn't want to do it. She knows the chores she is supposed to do every day and I have to ask and hear the grumbling every day. I just received a call from a teacher that she's not doing the work and was crocheting in class one day a couple weeks ago. She's having problems with social anxiety outside school and I don't know what to do. I'm a pretty resourceful parent, but I'm getting outside my wheelhouse. Family therapy is probably next.

What's your "fuck it" today?

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