Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Seriously, I think at this point the universe is just fucking with me. That's the only logical (?) explanation. I want to scream. I would drink if I didn't drink yesterday and have plans to drink tomorrow.

Apparently my grad school can't process my FAFSA (which I didn't know I needed to be eligible for that scholarship that I got/didn't get) because they don't have my SSN on file. Which means I won't be re-considered until they get my SSN. Which I immediately sent to the person they told me to, but I'll die of shock if that were truly the end of it. The department's probably going to give the money to someone else just to be done with it, which I can't even blame them for at this point.

A school I really want to work at posted a job for my subjects today. Literally a week after I handed in my contract for next year at my current job. Normally I'd be like, woohoo apply anyway! But my job charges you if you break the contract — 10% of your salary. Is that even legal? I have no idea but it's in the contract that I signed, so uhh... yeah. Talk about bad timing.


What is miffing you today, GT? What's grinding your gears? Let's tell the universe to knock it the fuck off already!

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