I don't know about you guys, but this whole "thin vs. fat shaming" conversation has completely exhausted me, in addition to being pretty triggering. I'm willing to bet others feel the same way. It's spanned what 2-3 days now and it's no longer even about what spurred the discussion (The Biggest Loser). So can we drop it? Can we just not have weight talk for a day or two? I want to say a week but that might be pushing it.

At this point, I don't even really care who's right and who's wrong, I just want it to stop. And I've seen various comments saying that weight talk isn't even really allowed (not sure the parameters) so can we please give it a rest? While I think the conversation is important and needs to be had, I think we're at a point where everyone is a little hurt and a little defensive and we're all just picking at each other instead of the issue.

Let's all jam out to Janelle Monae instead.

ETA: If I don't reply it's cuz I'm supposed to be at a lime right now, and I haven't even showered yet, so I have to go get ready.