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Can We Please Break The Link Tragedy Equals Talent

I saw this twice in the past few weeks on Americas Got Talent and World of Dance. Over the years I have seen it repeated too many times.

Both involved teens with a parent wjth cancer. One was still alive and one was not.

The young man on World of Dance flailed his arms and did a sumersault. It seemed more like at best average gymnastics routine then dance. It was a tribute to his late father.


The young woman on AGT sings to her father who has stage four cancer and sang the song she sings to him. This was by no means a million dollar act. She could probably do ok doing local theater.

Yet both were praised and told how greatly talented they were. Praise them for their love for their parent, their good heartedness amd courage. You don’t need to say “that sucked” but a “thank you for sharing with us your love you have that’s so very important but your dance (voice) is not there yet for a million dollars. Continue sharing your voice, enroll in dance (singing) classes, join youth theater or dance groups. Then come back here and we will be glad to see you.”.

I know they are doing it for the audience and trying to be kind but telling them falsely how very talented they are, later on when the are told their talent is marginal or less reality will either come crushing down or they fill hold to false beliefs which will make it even harder when reality hits. What these judges are doing will hurt them in the long run.

Although on AGT I would have moved on a tiny fraction that they did. Actually the thirteen year old young woman was one of the better ones last night but she nor vast majority that got through deserved it.

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