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Wolf Blitzer, Chuck Todd were all praising his moving speech. Give me a break. He totally deceived the public just like his boss does.

He was incensed that the Congresswoman Frederica Wilson listened in. Say what? What should she have done? Put her fingers in her ears? Puncture her ear drums? She was in the car with the widow and family, the phone was on speakerphone. Of course she heard. Kelly makes it sound like she picked up the phone in another room to listen in (landline phones).

Also we used to treat women as sacred? When in our history did we do this?

I thought maybe Kelly was keeping us from chaos but he seems to be drinking the same koolaid as SHS and Conway.


Also if this man so believes in women as sacred why did he send back a woman seeking refugee status because she was wanted by gangs because she saw a murder. I guess he does not mind leaving a child an orphan all because she crossed the border seeking refuge. This was when he was head of DHS.

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