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Can we talk about bag etiquette on the train?

I was under the impression that proper etiquette dictated that if you have a huge bag on a crowded train you either 1) get it as much in front of yourself as possible or 2) put it on the floor. Is this just me making shit up? I'm not talking about regular soft purses here, which are pretty much ok. But the last few weeks, I've noticed an overabundance of people with either large, hard-bottomed purses, gym bags, or stuffed-full lap top bags that they just hang over their hip to the back so that they take up half the aisle, or are repeatedly jabbing me in the back/side.

I have a nice backpack. I still put it on the floor because etiquette dictates it's either that or take it off and hold it in front of me. Are people just totally clueless, and don't realize the same rule should go for any type of large bag, or are they just being entitled assholes? Or am I the entitled asshole?

(Note: I'm definitely talking about a crowded train. I really don't give a shit what people do with their bags on a train that isn't crowded.)

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