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Welcome To The Bitchery

Can We Talk About Cat Hair?

I think I'm about to cough up a furball with all the cat hair in my small apartment. It is just everywhere, thanks to shedding season, which is only about to get worse. I had cat hair IN my coffee this morning. Please share your nightmare stories.

This is my fault. I have a fleece blanket, which collects the hair. I have two area rugs, which collect the hair, and I have three cats, who walk around in a sort of Pig-Pen cloud of sprinkling cat hair. And the vacuum broke. (this will be fixed this weekend)


I'm fairly sure one of the outer rings of Dante's hell is endlessly feeling cat hair on your lips and face.

Edit to say: How did this become taken over by the dog owners! Also to correct my Linus/Pig-Pen error. I'm horrified by my own Peanuts error.

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