I had to get up twice to pee during the episode and couldn’t fall asleep for hours afterwards. When the episode was over, I was shaking.

So. Much. Fan. Service. (Not a criticism!)

This was me at 10:15 last night:


Iwan Rheon, you were fantastic this episode. Just perfection.

But... two things:

- “I’m a part of you now.” Uhhhh, Sansa... when was the first day of your last period...?


- Where is Lyanna Mormont?!?!? Homegirl was there, on the mother-flippin’ battlefield with her men!!!! But then... well, mass carnage and... WHERE IS LYANNA?!?!?! I don’t think she actually rode into battle but I also didn’t see a small child on horseback in the middle of that huddle and I don’t think they would have just left her alone...

Secondary musings:

- Dany and Yara are gonna be best friends (maybe more?) and it’s like *hi five*

- Theon *sniff* I’m proud of you.

- Melisandre, giiiiirrrrrrl, it ain’t Winter you need to be worried about right now.


- Littlefinger, step away from the Queen of the North.

- I am no longer interested in King’s Landing, Cersai, wildfire, blah, blah, blah b/c Jaime is dining with the Freys next week!!!!!

Annnnnnnd I’m back to:


ETA: When last we saw Arya, she was all, “I’ve had enough of this shit, I’m going home.”

Could the season finale possibly open with an Arya home-coming?!?!

I think we’ve earned this, Benioff and Weiss — we all know what is about to go down in King’s Landing before the credits roll!