** spoilers **

So I know you guys have probably been talking about AHS but I've only recently just sat down and watched the first three episodes.

First of all, I'm really loving hearing so much FM. Sara is one of my favorite songs and when I heard it the other night I got teary-eyed it made me so happy!

So, Misty. Wasn't quite sure what to think of her until episode three but I have an ominous feeling. My boyfriend loves her (he loves any earnest-type character) and I actually love her too, but I feel like she's not just a simple Earth Mama. After she was left and started spinning around the hair stood up on the back of my arms. BF was like "she's a free spirt, it's beautiful!" I feel like it was setting us up for her completely losing control (she's literally spinning, for god's sake).

One overarching theme I have seen with the characters is that almost all have behaved badly and it is nearly always not for malicious reasons—obviously there are huge differences between them, but overall I feel that way about all. With Misty she's clearly felt abandoned, neglected and she's lonely. I think she's going to do some bad things. And as the audience, we won't fault her for it.


Also, her hair, her carriage and her accent make her Laura Dern 2.0!