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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Can we talk about not having enough hands...

...and brain cells, etc, to get everything we desire done with a minimal amount of success?

I have officially crossed the line from happiness that I get do so much creative work that stimulates and fulfills and brings pride, to extreme stress and sadness sprung from the realization that I can't do everything and do it all well.


If there are any of you with just Too Much Stuff—too many schedules to manage, projects to complete/think about...how do you manage? Any master organizers out there?

I haven't given much thought to any personal projects or endeavors lately, I can barely remember to fulfill Etsy orders. Then I see a new capsule collection with Joy Cho at Land of Nod, or I look at the Rifle Paper website, and I get frustrated that I don't have time to commit (creatively or otherwise) to anything. My actual job is demanding, I find myself scrambling to try and get out so I can have a few hours to spend with my son at night, and even going in on weekends, there's not enough time to get everything done. I like my job, and it's my income, so I can't afford to fuck around on other stuff. But I still want to.


I'm horribly unfocused and unorganized, which frustrates me to the extreme. I also find myself getting so overwhelmed that I zone out and fuck around online or watch TV or something, which I then feel guilty about. I just feel sooooo unproductive.

I don't even know the point of this, just venting, I suppose. I had a huge meeting this morning, which always require so much prep work, that after each one I mentally crash. I guess I just feel like I am holding myself back quite a bit and I want to know if anyone else struggles with this, or did and has strategies for overcoming it.

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