So I just watched every episode of the show in the last couple weeks, and I think it's beautifully done and deals with a lot of really important issues in a way that is much more three-dimensional than most TV. But I think it's kind of strange that Piper is obviously bi, as is Lorna Morello (the girl with the '40s hairdo and the lipstick that's always planning her wedding), and no one ever says anything about it. In fact, Alex and Nikki specifically talk about them a few times and there are a couple times throughout the show that they say something along the lines of "Straight girls - they really mess you up." I don't really know what I think about it. I guess I'm surprised - is this still a common viewpoint? Here's a show that frankly and compassionately portrays lesbians, a transgender woman, and drug addicts...but they're acting like bisexuality doesn't exist. What is this indicative of - a viewpoint of the show writers? is it just supposed to be of the characters themselves? do you think this will be addressed in the next season?