Yes? Okay, good.

Obviously this was sparked from the main-page. But, I don't want to talk about orgasms on the main-page.

First, a confession. I am 34 years old and only recently had my first orgasm with a person.

Sex in my 20s was less about my pleasure or understanding my body and more about performance and being on the receiving end of someone's desire. Then I spent 8 years with someone I really wasn't that sexually attracted to. So, here I am.


Talking about third, fourth, or fifteenth level orgasms is too much for me to handle when I probably haven't even gotten to the first level. I feel like I need some kind of manual but I don't really know where to start.

You guys need to tell me where to start.

ETA - I have to run into meetings but I AM COMING BACK TO THIS TONIGHT. I think this will be very insightful for me, so thank you!