I want to have a conversation with book readers who are also watching the HBO series or HBO viewers who don't mind book spoilers.

Let me add some breaks to keep the spoilers from GT mp.

In the books Shae is not as prominent as the HBO portrayal. I haven't reread them lately but I don't even recall a scene with both Sansa and Shae.


My concern is that if the HBO series follows up with Tyrion finding Shae in his father's bed it is a much more grievous betrayal. In the books I read Shae sleeping with Tyrion's father as her trying to survive in King's Landing and Tyrion murdering her having more to do with his feelings about his father.

Now with HBO having Shae advocate for Sansa and her jealousy of Sansa's marriage to Tyrion I'm worried that following the same ending for Shae as the books would devalue the tragic narrative of a woman trapped by her circumstances. Instead she would be seen as a bad person.

At the same time how bad ass for her to be that manipulative and not just a victim of circumstance.