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Can we talk about the Black People Aren't Amused, White People meme?

I want to talk about this meme, seriously, for a minute. Jezebel originally linked to this page and I have to say that some of the replies on the mainpage sort of... amused me.


Because many (white) people (disclaimer, I am a white person) were seriously baffled. They had to stare at images for a while to "get it" because they couldn't "find any racism there, just kind of silly stuff, maybe??" Guys, fellow white people, I love you and you know I do. But stahp. Black people don't have to be calling out serious issues to find us ridiculous as fuck. You - I mean this - YOU are still the target here and that's ok.
With your instagrammed dinner

And your Pinterest.


And your PSL mania.


It's just kind of.. funny. Are there tones of Privilege that run throughout the meme? YES, but it's the kind that you don't/can't/won't see. Because you can only see it from the outside looking in. And that's ok. You're a good person. But you don't need this to be not-about-you-because-you're-progressive-and-not-racist. It's still just funny.

Some of the images capture more than that, of course. The white guy in the Celtics jersey mimicking the pose of the MLK statue. The girls so happy to have the guy fixing their tire that they want to take a thumbs-up memory for all their friends. Gloria Richardson. The office gang-sign throwdown. Those capture what you expected; the clueless possible and/or definite racism of "those people" we all agree are worth mocking.


What you other, less offensive people are seeing in this meme? That, uh, would be that you kind of do some shit that some people find funny, too.

Re-edited to add the badass poem from the badass Rooo sez BISH PLZ, a longtime Jezebel commenter, re-printed with permission from the mainpaged article comment thread;


POC have more **** to do.

White people? More time to jump around and go “Wooo!”

And if a white girl starts to go “That ain’t true!”

Think how many times some man said that same thing to you.

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