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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Can we talk about the fact that...

... there are 3 of Shailene Woodley's movie boyfriends (all within a year) in Divergent? Like, that's unusual right? There's Theo James, obviously, but then Miles Teller (her love interest from The Spectacular Now) plays an arch nemesis of hers, and Ansel Elgort (aka Augustus in The Fault In Our Stars) plays her brother. Is the same person in charge of casting for every movie Shailene Woodley's in?

Also, this post involved me looking at Ansel Elgort's Wikipedia page, and finding out he is younger than my baby brother, which makes it really hard to find him attractive going forward. He's so young!


ETA: some gold from Ansel Elgort's Wikipedia page: he DJs under the name An-solo, as in his name but made to sound like Han Solo. This guy is my new favorite.

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