There are a bunch of good roundups on Deadspin right now (start here, but there's also this and this and this...etc.). What Martin went through is nightmarish, and it's totally galling to me that some commenters are still making these notes about "locker room culture." At what point do we recognize that "locker room culture" is super fucked up, if this is what we're able to excuse? The more I think about this case, the more I wonder if it'll be a watershed moment for beginning to hold athletes and athletic institutions accountable for destructive behavior. There are so many dimensions to the fuckery of this case, involving race, gender, sexuality, class — I feel like this is really going to tear the scrim away from a lot of noxious, deeply entrenched problems. But maybe I'm just being optimistic because I desperately want the NFL, as an institution, to find a redemptive path forward.

ETA: I want to make clear that I am not trying to call out the Deadspin commentariat, who by and large are having really good conversations about this. I was mostly saying that even on Deadspin (where usually the bar is a bit higher), there are still a few folks unwilling to think about this as a systemic problem.