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Can we talk about the Kinja search feature?

It sucks. SUUUUUUUCKS. The suckening 2: SUCK MORE!

I do a search for poverty? Killermartini? bad decisions? decisions poverty? No Killermartini article

I do a search for Ninjacate on Jezebel? Nope. GT? Not the Miley Cyrus article.

Does it only search the body of the text and doesn't include authorship or titles? Are articles that are shared to any other source not searchable except on their site of origin (which in some cases are people's individual kinjas)?


I used the two examples because of something I'm writing but it really sucks that Kinja's own search engine seems to suck so much. Except for google, it's like we really are a remote island where we don't know anything about what's around us.

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