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So, apparently, LA Times reporter Matt Pearce was in Minneapolis and had a meal in a Somali restaurant. He isn’t a food reporter, hadn’t done any research on the cuisine, just gave it a shot, and was confused by the banana he was served. He tweeted (complementarily!) about his meal and called it an appetizer. He didn’t know you’re supposed to eat the banana with the rice, and Somali twitter laughed at him, as twitterers do. So he wrote this:

Guys, it’s so positive! Despite the clickbait headline, he turned a cultural gaff into a learning experience and then tried to educate others. He took the opportunity to, instead of complain about his feelings being hurt, laugh it off and talk about the way food and the internet bind the Somali diaspora in the U.S. (and other immigrant groups). I don’t mean to give out cookies for behaving like you’re supposed to, but this was just a refreshing change of pace.


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