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Can we talk about this commenter?

The one on this article?


I'm not even going to address his crazy ideas on sex and how on earth he decides what counts as "knowledge" or "logic," because there's obviously no reasoning with him. But can we just talk about how ridiculous his analogy is? Like it literally makes no sense. Is sex the car? What are the roads? Is it like sex is driving 45 mph and road A is for single whores but road B is for married saints? (I may be getting my roads confused, but again, this analogy makes no sense.) Assuming that's what it is, because that's the most sense I can make of this, what on earth does this have to do with abstinence-only sex ed? Wouldn't the closest equivalent be that abstinence-only education is like telling your kid, "hey, don't drive fast on road B, that's bad" but failing to tell them that seat belts are a thing?


Does he think that comprehensive sex ed involves nothing but throwing condoms at kids and telling them to go to town? Because even my comprehensive sex ed involved both a speaker from planned parenthood and a speaker from some pro-abstinence organization, who had a super gross analogy about sex before marriage being like ripping a petal off your rose and giving your husband an ugly ass flower with no petals on it. Which, by the way, is another analogy I have a lot of problems with! How are these people coming up with such HORRIBLE analogies?

Anyways, sorry for the rant, I figured it was better than directly feeding the troll...

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