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Can we talk about this Dr. Nerdlove question? (TW: Chronic Illness)

Ladies and gents, I would like your thoughts on Dr. Nerdlove's answer to the first question. On one hand, if this girl is sexually assaulting him, that's fucking terrible and he needs to break it off immediately. No question about that, but I do believe the way it's phrased leaves some question as to whether or not that's what was happening.

But am I the only one to whom this reads like there's every possibility that his girlfriend is totally bewildered by what is happening to their relationship, and is just floundering in trying to deal with it?


I think there's also every possibility that this girl is gross. But it seems hasty to jump to the conclusion that Everything is Ruined without at least suggesting that he try and talk to his girlfriend about how he's feeling (which he never says he's done), rather than simply suggesting that his girlfriend is emotionally abusive for being angry about him sharing his feelings with another woman. All of the things he talks about (other than, again, the possible sexual assault) could just be a symptom of someone who's feeling severely neglected.

Am I crazy for thinking this? I don't necessary think Dr. Nerdlove's advice is wrong here, but I do think it's based on several assumptions that may not be true.

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