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Can we talk about this fridge article??

What is this. I can't even. Can they not.

This whole thing is pissing me off. MAJORLY.

The comments are discussing the whole 'extra gas' vs 'energy savings', that a lot of people don't live within walking distance from a grocery store, costs of buying food in smaller packages (which is a higher cost-per-gram/ounce), that you can't save money by buying easily-freezable things in bulk, the fetishization of the 'European lifestyle', etc. etc.


UGH. This whole thing is gross. And seriously, this writer is using techniques and styles that piss me off.

Aside from the fact that this costs a lot of money, we, you know, obviously need to be using less electricity? I can't believe I'm typing this. I refuse to believe that anyone is going to argue that it's not good to conserve electricity, which in this country still comes largely from burning fossil fuels, so, OK, next point.

Don't you see? You agree with this! Everything else he's writing is just as self-evident and obvious! Are you disagreeing with him about other points? THAT MUST MEAN YOU LOVE FOSSIL FUELS AND HATE THE EARTH.

What is this shit.


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