Also, my new apartment!

THIS SOUP THO. Okay, the photo is from the first time I made it, but I have some words of wisdom as I just made it for the second time. Because I am fucking obsessed with this soup.

You can 86 both the brown butter AND the crème fraîche. I know, that sounds a little crazy, but the soup is rich and flavorful without, totally not needed. I did, however, add pecans (I pan fried them in a bit of butter and honey with some fresh rosemary).

Also, those little herb packets wrapped in the green leaves of leeks are GENIUS. Now I have a method for freezing herbs in tidy little bunches.

Okay, apartment! I signed my lease today. The building is really great, there's a dance studio (!!) and on the roof there's little gardening plots for the tenants!


THANK you for all the insights on the sofa and especially about the whole bookcase thing. Now that I have some accurate measurements I can start to plan. And once I get in there and live a bit, I will figure out what I need. Super excited!

Also, the gluten free photo is just extra, because it made me laugh.