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Can we Talk America Ninja Warrior please?

I know Morning After does its Your Future Boyfriend eyecandy post, but this season is pretty great.


Because women are starting to kick ass on this show. Not only has the first woman ever completed a qualifying round this season, two more did it.


Ninja Warrior is an insane competition. Most seasons don't have a winner. I really couldn't find statistics on the percentage of contestants that complete the qualifying round It is small. They have always shown female contestants, in what I suspect is a greater television coverage than percentage of female participation. (I am surprised I couldn't find statistics on this through lazy Googling).

The show has been celebrating its women athletes this season. There are female Olympians competing. It is highlighting the increase in women participation. The commentators express awe and joy for it's female athletes, just as they do for the males. The things they are accomplishing is impressive.... for anyone. They still slip up, shouting "You Go Girl!", or making comments like "Women usually do better on these balance challenges...." But then they say things like this during a woman's run on a rotating balance beam, "You know, on challenges like these (I was expecting them to say women have better balance), mountain climbers usually have a hard time." And then I really appreciated how little the commentators cared about gender politics. They based their opinions on the athlete's physicality and training.


Celebrating the success of these 3 women only inspires other women to try to achieve the incredibly difficult. It also makes me excited to give it a season pass again after deleting it a few years ago. It's subversive feminist entertainment.

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