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Every. Fucking. Year. I do this. I have to go to NYC a few times early in the year (the first leaving next weekend) for work, including fashion week. So, I can’t look like a slob, but I also live in CA so I don’t exactly need anything super warm. I typically put off getting anything and then frantically order stupid shit right before I leave.

Curious if you colder-weather-dwellers have any tips? Maybe the best super light thermal stuff for layering? Boots that aren’t clunky, are warm and will prevent me from slipping and falling on my ass? Or is there a trick for the soles of your shoes to help?


I will take ANY advice/guidance. I typically just layer a lot, but all of my coats this year are shorter so I am looking for a longer black coat. I can wear tights under jeans, I do have a pair of Isabel Marant flat knee-high boots I just got for a ridiculous deal. I own a lot of scarves, and my gloves are fingerless (will my fingers freeze??).

Dress me up!

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