(Not the punctuation.) Please?

Is it normal for your period to go crazy once you hit your mid 30s? Because I’ve been bleeding everywhere for the last year and a half or so.

This weekend, I bled through my pad, undies, and pjs onto the couch. I bled through my pad and clothes onto my car seat. My bestie had the same thing a few weeks ago, only in someone else’s car (she’s mortified).

WTH is happening down there??

Background: I’ve always worn pads. I tried tampons one trip to HI and I hated them. I was on the pill through most of my 20s but went off at 30 and haven’t been back on (vasectomies rule, y’all). I’m 36, so I feel like my hormonal stuff should have regulated itself somewhere between 30 & 30... right? I haven’t had and kids or pregnancies in that time frame, either...


Is this a thing?!