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Can We Talk Real Housewives?

Random thoughts... what do you guys think?

NY: Did Bethenny piss in Carole’s Wheaties? Like, what is really going on there? Is it actually about Tinsley? Work it out, you two! Yes, Sonja is ridiculous trading on the Morgan name at every opportunity but does anyone really think of her as a “real” Morgan? Also, her shoe line (yes, I realize she’s probably not very hands on) looks cute. It’s hard out there for cast-off trophy wives and I respect the hustle.

OC: I can’t wait! But do we think Vicki has really come to terms with her shit behavior in the wake of Cancergate and “Is Eddie gay? I heard Eddie’s gay. People are saying, ‘Eddie’s gay.’ I’m just repeating what I heard, I’m not saying ‘Eddie’s gay.’”?


Potomac: It makes me sad to watch the Ashley/Michael scenes. I don’t enjoy watching marriages implode on screen. I think Robyn is her own person, but Giselle speaks for the two of them all. the. time. and I feel embarrassed for her every time. Oh boy, do the Producers think Karen is full of shit or what?! I crack up every time you can hear them on the interviews and Karen is like, “Hahahahahaha! [insert bullshit answer/dodging the question].”

Atlanta: I know it’s not on but they’re filming and word is that Kenya is not coming back and I don’t know whose choice it was but I’m glad she’s got the family she wanted for so long. Also, Phaedra has hinted that she will be back and I really hope that’s not the case. What she did was despicable.


Dallas: Also not yet on but I can’t wait to see the $1.7M renovation of Stephanie’s house. Yes, it is obscene but I like real estate porn.

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