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Welcome To The Bitchery

Can we talk spirituality?

Yesterday, at the invitation of a friend, I attended a Quaker meeting. We prayed (meditated?) for an hour, then chatted a bit. It was very chill and I left feeling pretty good.

I took another friend along and we were talking about it on the way home. I told her that, during the meeting, I started by meditating and ended up praying for president elect he who shall not be named to become kinder, more wise, and more peaceful before he takes office. My friend, knowing that I’m an atheist, asked, “Who are you praying to?”


I think I realized what a total hippie I am when she asked that ‘cuz I was like, “Just... you know.... puttin’ it out into the universe?” I might actually believe in “vibes”? Maybe? But then I totally get the pushback against “Think positive!” and the privilege associated with that stuff... So, who/what the heck am I praying to? What do you think, y’all? Must one have someone to pray to?

Anyway, something cool did happen during the meeting. There’s an organization I’ve been thinking about volunteering at for awhile and, after the election, I was like, “I really need to hop on that” but I hadn’t. Well, during the meeting, one of the men in the group started talking about that organization and how hard up they are for volunteers and they need the most help out of all non profits in our area, after the election. And, taking it as a sign from the who/whatever, I signed up last night to volunteer there.

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