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Can you edit a logo out of a video? Wanna make $50?(CLOSED)

I am an idiot. I entered a contest, and only skimmed the rules. Apparently the giant logo that appears behind me during the entirety of the almost 3 minute video I need to submit, is in violation of the contest rules.

I am bad at computers. If you know how to blur this thing out (Youtube will only blur my face, not the logo) I will wire you $50 Canadian dollars. I don't know what is reasonable for this kind of thing... So if that's insulting, please somebody let me know...

The deadline to enter is Sunday... So I am in kind of a bind. I do this kind of thing all of the time, and I just want to throw some money at the problem, instead of fighting various forms of software; which all seem to be mocking me....


If you can help, please answer me in the comments, and I will answer with my email.


A Fucking Idiot Who Should Read.

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