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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Can You Guys Do Me A Favor?

As friends?

I need to be single right now, for a bit. But I am going to relapse and fall into the trap of wanting to be back in a relationship. If I start falling down that hole, can you all remind me that I'm wanting a relationship for the wrong reasons? Because right now it would absolutely be for the wrong reasons.


I obviously can't put a timeline on when I'll be ok but I want to say, I don't know, for the next month? NOT that I'm going to go out and date someone on March 6 or anything at all, but I think maybe after a month I can at least be more ready to consider the idea of dating again. So if I come back here at least within the next 4 weeks and start saying shit like "Consort and I are trying again!" or something, you guys have full permission to electronically hit me on the nose with a newspaper and say "NO. STOP THAT FLUFFS." And if I start being an ass about it just show me this post.

And can you guys just bear with me? I'm kind of scared.

And to be really honest, since I'm on a roll, I do hope that Consort is still there when I'm ready. I can't ask him to wait for me, and I can't bet on him being there. Nor can I fault him if he isn't. But I do hope.


I know I shouldn't even be thinking about that idea at all right now and it's not healthy. I just wanted to get it out.

That's pretty much it. I just kinda need you guys right now :/

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