I'm like, nonstop aroused the past week. WTF is going on? It's not *that* time of the month where I usually get that way, I'm not pregnant (trust me I checked!). I mean, this is a welcome change because I've had a pretty low libido lately. Mostly I want to know where it came from so I can make it continue...

This morning: Parks and Rec reruns while I was getting dressed made me horny. The feeling of brand new panties made me horny.

This afternoon: my coworker being in the same room with me is making me horny, and I don't even like him like that. I think the fact that a human is in here with me is what it is. Al Green comes on the radio, makes me horny. Just now, envisioning a rug stroking me as I make love has made me horny.

Luckily I have an outlet for all this sexual energy at home. He is quite pleased.