I figured I'd crowdsource my boob problem with you intelligent people prior to running off to work.

Earlier this week I was laying on my right side. I jolted up quickly (I think the dog started barking) and I felt some sort of twinge-y pain in the outer underside of my right boob.

Well, now it fucking hurts whenever I bend over. Sharp, stabbing pain similar to when I tore a muscle several years ago. Caveat: Whenever I bend over without doing something to support my boob. Wearing my good bra, holding my boob in my hand, squishing against my torso with my arm chub, etc, all prevent it from hurting. Any other movement - I haven't noticed any issues.


I've done several self exams - there's nothing out of the ordinary. There's no noticeable inflammation or surface discoloration. It's very slightly sore (possibly because I keep pressing on it to see if there is some swelling). Also, the soreness is more where the underwire presses in than where the actual pain is radiating from.

I've also lost about 25 lbs without buying more than 1 new bra. I was a 42C, and I am so. fucking. close. to a 38D. So I'm also wondering of the reason this is hurting 3 days later is linked to poor support aside from the 1 good bra (which I wore yesterday and and wearing now - I wasn't smart enough earlier in the week to figure this might be a factor).