Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I want to travel somewhere. I've been bored with my own life, I'm sick of looking at people's vacation pictures, and I want to have an experience!

Originally I thought I wanted to travel overseas again. I studied abroad in college in Western Europe and though I hit a lot of places I wanted to see, I did miss out on a few (I'm lookin' at you Scotland!). But this time, I thought maybe I would limit myself to this continent and consider Canada.

So how do people feel about a summer Canadian adventure? Is Canada fun in the summer? Is travelling between provinces easy? Are there things I should be made aware of before getting too excited about this potential trip? Most importantly, is it good for solo travel?



ETA: I'm not married to one coast over the other. I'm on the east coast, so that would be easier, bu I'm open to either!

As far as what I would like to do, I'm not a terribly outdoorsy person, I mostly like cities with lots of cultural/historical things!

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