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Canada vs. US

You know, the general populace likes to think that Canada is some sort of bastion of good virtue. As if Canada is that straight A, severely polite, quite younger sibling that is over shadowed by the less refined, rebellious, and loose older sibling. And the general populace is like that grandmother or parent who is always comparing the two in some manner or another. "Canada, why can't you be more strong and free like US? Why can't you be more innovative? Why are so dull" scolds mom. "US, why can't you exhibit better manners like your little sister does? Why can't you be nicer to the other kids and help out a little more", scolds dad.

When really no country in North America is any better than the other. Just different. Canada's independence was won quietly with a document, where as US had to fight tooth and nail for most of it's history. The US in it's original form sought to over throw the monarchy and it's associated evils of Britain. Canada still sends the Queen Mum a card on her birthday.

I see no need for the continued comparisons. We have plenty of skeletons in our closet too, and if the Reteah Parson's case doesn't give people a hint that Canada's present isn't too squeaky clean, than I don't know what will.


Just had to get that out there friends.

And while I'm here, I'll add to the "ask whoever whatever" game and offer my services as a Canadian. Got questions about the Great White North? I'll do my best to answer them. We've got lot's of dark stories, and plenty of bright ones.

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