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Update : Canadian and/or Australian GTers Question About Immigration

Trump and some republicans want to model green card applications after the Canadian and Australian systems. They want high skill workers only and limit family members to children and spouse. They also want them to know English (we do NOT have an official language) and can support themselves.

It seems draconian. It focuses on immigrants who are educated and probably most would do quite well not leaving. It should focus more on people who need a chance because they have no chances at home.

To me its like a private school who gives a tuition break to the CEO’s child and not the child of parent who washes CEO’s dishes all on the belief it would be financially better with donations and prestige.


Merit system seems so discriminatory towards the impoverished. I assume some with high skills may be from impoverished backgrounds but if they have high skills they would have far more chances in their home nation then those who are still impoverished.

I was sickened Ali Velshi said he was not as outraged as he thought he would be.

I was.

Here is Stephen Miller taking questions and explaining it in the White House briefing. He used “common sense” a bazzilion times as an answer


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