Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Canadian GT!

Do any of you live in Vancouver? Because I’m moving there! Eee!!

I’ll be attending UBC to get my MA (and maybe PhD) in art history, and I know pretty much no one there. I’d love to have some friends outside my cohort, but I seem to remember most Canadian GT-ers live in other provinces...


Anyways! I’m so excited I could burst. I can’t wait to quit my law firm job and get back to studying art history. I have so many ideas for research, and reading up on the work of my future advisor is already clarifying my ideas, and AAAH I’m going to graduate school.

My future apartment is also under budget (thanks exchange rate! But it’ll be fine even if the exchange rate evens out again), and has a balcony from which you can see the water. I’m sure my soul will be shattered and I’ll hate grad school once I’m in the thick of it but right now everything seems amazing.

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