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Canadian Peeps, help me out with something

So, it's been a few years since Wade, Rembrandt, the Professor and I began sliding between dimensions and we've seen some pretty crazy things in our adventures but this world that we've landed in seems to be by far the most interesting. It seems like in this universe everything is the same as my home universe except in this universe there are people who give a damn about CBC radio who aren't, you know, a thousand years old.

No, seriously, joking aside I'm not trying to make light of the situation. I understand that the current issue regarding Jian Ghomeshi is really about what an outright creep the guy seems to be and how this fits into the too common narrative we see of people like him getting away with his shitty behaviour for too long.

But...with that said, am I entirely off-base with not understanding the people who are presenting this like he or his show are a big deal culturally? I'm an urban, urbane kind of guy. I go out to vaguely cultural things from time to time. I have a favourite vegan bakery. And yet of the roughly 40-50 people who make up my most immediate circle of friends....I'd guess maybe 5 or 6 listen to his show? Maybe? And a further...4 or 5 would know who he is? 10 maybe if I said "You remember that shitty novelty act Moxy Fruvous that nobody liked? He's one of them".


I don't know, I don't want to minimize the seriousness of what he's being accused of in the least but I do kind of want to minimize him. He's not Peter Mansbridge or Ron McLean or the Friendly Giant or someone important unless you're, like, one of a few dozen media douchebags in Toronto.

Or are all of you getting together for secret CBC radio listening parties and I'm not invited?

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