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Canadian Police College under fire for mishandling allegations of Sexual Touching, Nudity in Office

Four former male employees of the Canadian Police College came forward to the Canadian Broadcasting Agency with allegations of a poisoned work environment in the Explosives Training Unit. The allegations include bullying, unwanted sexual touching, and rampant nudity.

The men had previously brought their allegations to the College, but they say investigators did not want to hear the whole story. The alleged perpetrators, Staff Sgt. Bruno Solesme, the unit manager and Marco Calandrini, a civilian member of the RCMP, and were disciplined at that time, but only for being nude in the office. They were docked seven and five day’s pay respectively. Calandrini was later docked 15 days pay for inappropriate touching.

Among other things the men allege that Solsme and Calandrini simulated oral sex in the office and that Calandrini on more than one occasion announced that he had just shaved his genitals before dumping out the contents of his electric razor on the lunch table.


The complainants also say that Solsme and Calandrini tried to pressure them into lying about their behaviour.

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