Canadian Road Trip Day 2: With Pictures!

I didn't want to leave my lovely hotel room this morning (king size bed!), but managed to do so around 11am. Quick fill up with gas (one of many today) and I was off.

On my way out of the Sault, I saw the same three hippy hitchhikers that I'd seen yesterday evening (forgot to mention them!). I always want to pick up hitchhikers, but am getting more nervous about it in my old age. The point was moot today, anyway, as my car is chock full.

Shit, I'm having trouble remembering the day. I know that I passed more of those "Frozen Beneath" billboards that have been up for years and years โ€“ and I finally remembered to check the website! Some dude hawking his horror?/alien?/sci-fi? novel. The year on the website is 2008: if you're interested.

The drive is absolutely beautiful, as it always is, and I had gorgeous weather to boot. Here's a shot of Lake Erie:

Here's a cocky seagull:


And here's my laden car, with rock behind it. This is the stuff that the roads are cut out of โ€“ it's also very beautiful, what with all its layers and colours:

About half of the other vehicles on the road are semi-tonne transport trucks, half of the other half have canoes or kayaks on the roof. The traffic was pretty light, though, and I never had to wait long at any of the many construction hold-ups.


This is the view of Lake Superior from the Terry Fox memorial, on the outskirts of Thunder Bay:

And here's the memorial:


I passed some milestones! I entered the Arctic Watershed, where all water now flows north into the Arctic Ocean, and I entered the Central Time Zone (although Upsala still uses Eastern).

The hours go by so, so slowly, until all of a sudden it's 9pm and I'm stopping in Upsala instead of Ignace. The motel is cheap, but there's no fridge and it's over-scented (what are they trying to cover up? The rooms are non-smoking).

Hmm, forgot to check my mileage, but I think it's around 850km in about ten hours โ€“ I stopped a few more times than yesterday. I hope the noisy highway doesn't keep me up.