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Welcome To The Bitchery

Where are all the good Canadian subscription boxes at, y'all? (Or was I supposed to say 'eh' there so you know I'm Canadian? NO.)

I'm desperate! Five weeks ago I had the worst 1st period day ever, blah. In the midst of my misery, I ordered a Loot Crate subscription box. And then I ordered a Bonjour Jolie subscription box. Loot Crate is geeky stuff - $13ish dollars within the States, but around $30 for Canadians. Bonjour Jolie is $28 I think for Canadians with shipping, and that's a period + treats subscription box. I am not smart with my money when Shark Week commences, apparently.

Well, Loot Crate was a total wash - worth $13 I'm semi-sure, not worth $30. Apparently I have another box coming, because it was an autorenew situation, and I bitched out customer service via email (I'M SORRY, I KNOW, I KNOW) and they were very snarky back and basically said I can't read. So, there's that. Not a fun experience all around. I wouldn't really recommend them if you don't live in the USA, it feels like a ripoff.


Bonjour Jolie was kind of awesome! It's just too expensive, again, because of the shipping to Canada. I got a cute necklace with a bee on it, and soap, and candies, and DELICIOUS TEA, and bath stuff, and period supplies, and I'm so happy! But I wish I could just pay the American price for it. I feel like I paid almost $30 for three bags of tasty tea, a bar of soap that I like, and a cute necklace that I might wear a couple of times but never would have bought. And I just started using a Diva Cup anyways, so, I don't need the products anymore.

I think, because my periods have gotten increasingly misery-inducing as I age, I want to find some sort of subscription box that will make me feel good at that time of the month! I don't want any more makeup - I did Ipsy for a while, and it was wonderful, but my bathroom is still suffering from the influx of beauty supplies. No, I want treats! AND THERE ARE NONE FOR US CANADIANS!

Why is it so hard to throw my money at someone who will just send me treats?

I will probably just make my own little care packages to open once a month, but that's lame, because I want to be exposed to new companies and things I wouldn't normally try, and the mail + surprise factors are, like, 50% of the fun.


Are there any awesome Canadian subscription companies I am somehow unaware of?

Are any of you willing to start up a company so you can mail me tasty things and bath stuff once a month? :)

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