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Cancer Cat Chronicles: Chemo Starts Today!

Isn't that picture cute? And creepy because Chemo but still! Little feisty Madison starts chemo this afternoon. This follows the Woof and Wine we were at last night where Cooper wore a cape saying "ASK ME ABOUT #CANCERCAT."


We made $41 last night from selling bracelets and a sandwich/salad/cookie from a drunk guy at Potbellys. It wasn't as much as I had estimated/hoped but it was still good. I worked on my "pitch" a lot and feel more comfortable about approaching people on Clark Street this summer.

YES, I'm going to be standing on a street corner with my dog selling bracelets for her cancer treatments. WHY? BECAUSE OVER $7000 AND BECAUSE I LOVE MY HUSBAND. He said yesterday how much he thanked me for not having to make the decision to not treat one of our pets because of money. I told him I would never let that happen.

For the first time in this #CancerCat saga, I will be going to my therapist's office today. Just phone sessions because of time or whatever.

3:30 pm is #ChemoCat time. I think I'll ask our neighbor across the street to drive us there. He offered to drive us when his wife saw me put a carrier in a taxi one day and we accidentally ran into him doing the cat taxi for an older lady when we got her staples out last week.


Thank you for reading the continuing saga of #CancerCat! I think #CancerCat is more so this entire experience than a description of Madison. #CancerCat is me, Travis, the fundraising, the other animals, the stress, etc.

As always, here is the gofundme page for Madison's cancer treatment. Donations are not required from GT members and I intend no undue pressure (yeah, I think of this as a disclaimer from some of the backlash previous fundraising on GT got).


The lasting part of this (besides debt) will be better awareness of cat and dog cancers and how to catch tumors early. So share to Facebook, Twitter, etc. so hopefully less people will have to go through this experience. SugarRub.org for feline breast cancer specific information!


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