Meet Chamberlain. He's another member of the "Big Three" that Husband had before we got together. Chamberlain is the athlete of the bunch jumping and climbing high and able to clean all the places on himself that Link hasn't seen in years. He also has a few claws on one of his paws that look like this:

I noticed it this week and am bringing him into the vet today. All of the "feel better" excuses that we normally use ("he's acting normal," etc.) aren't working since we used those on Cancer Cat too.

Meanwhile, these two have been at it (caused mostly by Link) so his ear now looks like this:


Again, he's the instigator but he has no front claws (not our doing). As Husband says, he's the drunk guy at the bar starting fights he can't finish. Or as I say, he's an asshole.

The first payment went in for Madison's treatment. Only $400 out of the $3200 charged to Care Credit, $2800 of which we need to pay within 5 months or else interest goes to criminal rates. Husband applied for a card (so we could put chemo and tests on that) but was rejected. He felt like shit but I emphasized how he could do other things to fundraise like organize a rummage sale featuring donations from his family in upper Wisconsin. So far, I don't think he's doing anything.

I mean, he's the only one who's really working (I nanny) and he has to drive back and forth to Chicago.... But he only shares my posts about about the gofundme page. I told him and his friend who he stays with that if they want to do a Wisconsin rummage sale to benefit #cancercat then awesome. That's in addition to the one I'm planning for Chicago. Meanwhile, he's been cleaning a lot when he gets back here which is very helpful. I just need something more.


Oh, and I decided to cut down/quit smoking amidst everything when I woke up yesterday at 5 am. So we'll see how that works out.