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Madison (aka Cancer Cat) is the one on top and that is our CAT WALL 5000! See, we've designed our home in many ways to be in tune with our cats. Many places to jump, scratch, escape, etc. What do I need to do after Madison gets out of the hospital? Discourage her from doing all those things. Somehow.

Madison went into the hospital this morning for her partial mastectomy/mammectory/whatever.


They will take our the entire right side (conveniently shown by the red lines) of her mammary glands and the lymph node by her thoracic gland. Madison's is possible filled with cancer or just workin' hard against cancer. Either way, taking this gland is a normal choice for both human and feline cancer.

Here's one of the many links about feline mammary cancer. Relatively all say the same thing regarding treatment, diagnosis and prognosis.

They will call us when she goes into surgery and is under anesthesia. I wrote a little note about her that describes her character and put it on her crate. We should pick her up tomorrow.


Meanwhile at home, Husband and I have to figure out a place for her to heal that somehow keeps the other animals away or at least discourage them from being around. Super cleaning in that area plus additional litter, food and water dishes for her. Super cleaning needs to be done for the whole apartment anyways.

The other animals? They're all feeling weird. They didn't have food last night since Madison had to stop eating at 8 pm. At least two of them puked this morning after getting to eat again. Cooper, my dog, woke up this morning and puked on the kitchen rug and had the runs. My guess/hope is that it's all the anxiety floating around the apartment. If one more animal gets sick in this apartment (serious sick and not just upset tummy), I'm blaming the apartment and we will move.


Husband feels better than he thought he would and knows she's getting the care she needs. I feel like there are a million things that need to be done before and after she comes home. I'm looking up holistic vets in Chicago and REALLY TRYING to find some examples of holistic approaches to mammary cancer because I'm going to try everything.

I've got Care Credit that will cover this surgery. I've also done an estimate on surgery, chemo, and scans that have already been done and what that would look like on GoFundMe.com/org/whatever. They take 5% of every donation. Also looking at cancer related crafts or cat artwork I could put together to sell on Etsy along with the silicone bracelets I want to get and then sell to people. Asking $1 or $2 bucks for a bracelet would work pretty well in the neighborhood that we're in.


My MIL loves me both for what I'm doing for Madison as well as what I do for her son. Husband didn't need more proof that he married the right person but has it anyways. It feels good to hear but of course everything still is weird and hollow. Everything around me seems like another thing I love that will get cancer.

That's what I've got right now for an update. I'm going to zone out to MST 3K's Hobgoblins for a bit and then get busy doing something that needs to be done. ::exhausted::

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