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Cancer Cat: Oncologist Day

Amidst other posts I'm trying to write about this topic and HEALTH! YEA. is CANCER CAT! Also known as Madison vs Cancer: a fight to the LIFE! Today's adventure? Vet Oncologist.

Have you ever told four cats that they can't eat for 8-12 hours? Yeah. They're surrounding me right now. They're going to eat me.


We found out yesterday that her blood test matches her x-rays: there is nothing wrong with her besides Cancer. One protein is not normal and that's only by .1. There is nothing wrong with her except Cancer.

Today, we'll get a better idea about what the options are now. Vets can do lumpectomies but the % of reoccurrence is super high so mastectomies are recommended and are certainly my choice. Plus, if you add up two or three lumpectomies and you have the price of the mastectomy.

Price. Ah, the wonderful word with any kind of health care but specifically pet health care. We (meaning me and then I tell Husband) will find out price estimates relavant to Madison specifically. I'm prepared (not financially but psychologically) to hear $2000 range for the mastectomy and $1500 area for chemo if recommended. I don't know if the surgery will include both sides of her mammary glands but I ideally want both sides out because Angelina Jolie. Actually, because cat cancer but I might as well go for glamour when I can find it.

From there, Husband and I will talk and I will look into financing cards and fundraising ideas. I want fast action and figure out the money (meaning any fundraising) after. I can't sit or watch Husband sit and look at Madison wondering if the tumor is metasticizing.


I'm sorry I haven't gotten a HEALTH! YEA. post up but I loved the cleaning one about replacing your toothbrush posted a few days ago was great. I know everyone understands but there are lots of those little decisions that I've been making even in this Cancer Cat experience that are important. Important to hear but also important for me to say.

Everybody, PET YOUR PETS!!!! I don't care how many you have or how big they are, PET THEM! ALL OVER! Pet, poke, prod, massage, whatever. You won't know of something is different if you don't know what is normal. PET YOUR PETS!

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