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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Surgeon called back with tumor results. Grade 2 out of three. Spread to lymph node (metastatic). Narrow margins which I believe is a neutral to bad thing. We'll talk prognosis with oncologist but surgeon reluctantly told me that cats with tumors like hers have a median survival rate of 8 months. I cancelled therapy this morning since I had JUST received the news. It's overcast and a little chilly here.

I'm.... not great. And alone. Husband has a half day so he'll be cared for up in Wisconsin.


There's always a miracle cat, right? A median has to have a high, right? That's what's going through part of my head.

Now we're going to be fighting for months. But I can't type much right now without crying.

Pet your dog and cats all over. The only way you know if something is wrong is of you know what's normal. Also, spay your female cats before their first heat. It's especially important to prevent mammary cancer. If you don't know when your female cat was spayed, get used to giving belly rubs to check for tumors and inflamed lymph nodes.

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