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So I saw my surgeon last week and he said my tumour was completely benign. I’ll be going in for MRIs for the rest of my life but I’m glad about that because if it comes back I want it out again!

I’m mostly recovered, which is astonishing. I don’t remember the last time I had a headache - maybe 3-4 weeks ago? But I’m having severe episodes of vertigo that leave me stranded in my room because the stairs are terrifying. So that’s not fun! I eventually was able to get down by death-gripping the banister and then touching the ceiling when it was low enough to reach - pressing my hand hard against the ceiling and pushing my feet into the stairs makes me feel very secure.

I’ve only been able to see one of my friends because city buses are terrifying and the drivers love to stomp on the air brakes. But I’m hoping I’ll get to see more people soon.


Because I’m no longer able to see my psychologist (I saw her through a post-surgery program and it ended in September), I’m having a lot of trouble with my anxiety. The horrific things that are happening post-election are so upsetting and it’s frustrating for me not to be able to do something because I’m in Canada, I don’t have money and I can’t go out to protests or rallies. I’ve been accused of being a slacktivist, especially within the vegan community, and it’s such an ableist, classist word. You can’t say that someone is lazy and not committed. You don’t know their life situation and they don’t have to tell you.

Ack, I’m ranting. Anyway, I missed you fine peoples. I bought myself a jug of Diet Snapple Peach Iced Tea so I’m pretty happy right now. 

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