So my brother-in-law has always been a bit of a cheapskate, but my mother-in-law told me something the other day which just boggled my mind. Apparently my BiL will take his 14 month old daughter to Costco for lunch on a semi regular basis (my MiL says he's invited her along at least 3 different times), where lunch consists of samples from around the store. Apparently he will circle the store 2-3 times, getting samples on each circuit to feed to her until she is full.

I wonder if his wife knows? She does not know my MiL has gone on the Costco trips at the very least, because they happened while she is at work. My SiL does not get along with the family, and apparently we not allowed to babysit to ridiculous extremes. My SiL doesn't drive and apparently, they have a situation where she has to be at work right around the time may BiL gets home from work, so my SiL will take the baby on the bus with her to work, where my BiL will pick the baby up, and then drive home. Then he gets my MiL to come over and babysit while he sleeps.

Oh, and apparently he's decided to upgrade his education and is going to go back to school part-time in the fall. At a school an hour and a half away. At least that's what travel time would be without traffic, but the school is on the other side of Toronto, so, I'd say it's going to take him at least 2 hours on a good day, one way.

It's also the opposite direction from where he works, which is 45 min away from his house.