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Welcome To The Bitchery

Candies and Romances

This post does nothing to tie the two things together. The fella just got back from Istanbul and brought me a box of Turkish Delight. He doesn't care for it, especially as they seem to give it to you at practically every turn in Turkey, but I have a hard time turning down any type of confection even if it's something that I don't seek out to consume. Are there candies you refuse to eat because they're gross? I think I've only run into one candy I will never eat again, and that's salt licorice Swedish Fish. That is an abomination to the mouth, and I've had durian candy.

Part two of my post: Any recommendations for straight up romances to watch? I'm in the mood for something sweet to go with my Turkish Delight. After Pope's (shared by Burt) tear down of Love Actually, I really feel like watching something romantic and sweet. I'd watch Paris, je t'aime for the billionth time because it is my favorite romance ever, but I'm in the mood for some variety.


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