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Candy Crush Killer!

I have been carefully crafting my new Candy Crush strategy for some time now, and I blew the fucking roof of any of my previous high scores! So of course I had to brag and share photographic evidence of my accomplishment.

I don't have Facebook so I can't compare it to what others have been scoring, but I'm thinking it's safe to say I rocked it. Finished Level 82 with a score of 855,860, bitches! After I made my last move, it just kept going, and going, and going, until my screen dimmed out, and then kept going some more.


Is that good? Tell me that's good! Or maybe don't, it will only encourage my addiction. There should be a serious warning upon downloading this explaining the seriousness of it. Like c'mom, I couldn't turn down banging opiates, how the hell am I ever going to get clean of the Candy Crush?!

Seriously though, is that score good? I MUST KNOW!

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